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Creative and Clever Hands

JS Ceramics - Hand Crafted Earthenware
Our local friends, JS Ceramics, are becoming more and more clever with each new collection. This season introduces sandy pink clay, organic vases and pots, royal blue hand-penciling, and our favourite, the Coffee Dripper & Jug sets.
Paper Collective - PrintsAmelie Hegart’s crayon drawings somehow manage to combine a simple and careless expression with exquisite detailing. The lines seem coarse at first but contain a swiftness to create silhouettes full of emotion, questions and beauty. Available in 30cm x 40cm and 50cm x 70cm.
Georgia Jay - Leather Bags
Unfussy and modern, Georgia Jay is created for those who appreciate functional accessories made with a sense of luxury. Made in New Zealand, Georgia hand picks her materials locally and personally cuts every hide to invest an intimate influence on each piece.
The Horse Watch
The new Original watch by The Horse captures soft, feminine elegance to perfection with its brushed rose gold metal and nude leather. We happily welcome this summery timepiece to the collection.