For the Love of Linen

Paper Plane - Citta - For the Love of Linen - Drop 2 

Linen is popular these days, and for good reason. We love that it looks better wrinkly (no ironing..hooray!) and gets softer with age. Throwing on a linen dressing gown when the doorbell rings at an awkward stage of getting ready for the day is not only a lifesaver, but an elegant way to greet your visitor (we've tried. It works).

New Season linen goods from Città include dressing gowns, cosmetic bags, pillowcases, dining and kitchen textiles.

And we threw in Città's new round cotton velvet cushions for fun, because they are simply amazing. 

Paper Plane - Citta - For the Love of Linen - Drop 2

Products featured above: Linen Dressing Gowns - Mushroom, Olive Grid & Citron - $159. Linen Pillowcase Pair - Citron, $69.90. Linen Pillowcase Pair - Grid, $69.90. Linen Aprons - $69.90. Linen Washbags - $49.90.