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Natural Kitchen Accessories - Paper Plane Store - NZ

NATURAL KITCHENWARE - beautiful essentials

At Paper Plane, we believe in investing in long-lasting beautiful basics. We often overlook and undervalue the essential items we interact with on a daily basis in our homes. In the kitchen, preparing our meals can be such a delight when we love the tools around us. 

Beautiful kitchen essentials shown: Wood & Glass Spice Jars, Wood & Glass Salt + Pepper Shakers, Wooden Spice Grinder, Wood Storage Cases, Mixing Cup with Wooden Spoon, Enamel Canisters, Wood & Glass Canisters.




Cook & Nelson - Pickles, Salts, Sauces, Maple Syrup - Paper Plane Store - NZ

Noble Handcrafted Maple Syrup - Lillie's Q Sauces - Paper Plane Store - NZ

COOK & NELSON - purveyors of fine food

Cook & Nelson are purveyors of the most exciting and exceptional fare crafted by the best food artisan producers in the world. They search the globe to find individuals who share a passion for crafting extraordinary food and innovate with exciting new processes and recipes resulting in remarkable and unexpected fare.
Their curated range of pantry consumables will excite you and make you rethink their traditional use, open a new world of culinary possibilities and reignite your passion in the kitchen.

The range includes McLure’s Pickles from NYC, Amola Salt from Vancouver, Huffman’s crafty sauces from Wellington, Noble handcrafted maple syrups from Washington and Lillie’s Q sauces from Chicago.