From Morocco in Style

Moroccan Leather Babouche Slippers - Paper Plane Editorial
We love when tired and true products are made new again. These Moroccan leather Babouche slippers are hand-crafted with the softest sheep leather using age-old traditional techniques. Available for men and women in lots of amazing colours, we thing we might need every one! 
Moroccan Throws & Baskets

These Beautiful Pom Pom throws offer the best of both worlds with their organic textures and simple designs. Scandinavian inspired and traditionally woven on wooden looms in Morocco. 

The woven palm leaf shopper basket is a must have for carrying your everyday essentials in style.

Moroccan Beldi Glasses & Lemon Wood Utensils - Paper Plane Editorial
We're obsessed with these Beldi glasses! Fine, elegant and modern, these tapered glasses feel beautiful in your hand. Made from recycled glass in the very last hand-blown glass factory in Morocco.