Moody Hues

Moody Hues - Menu - Salt + Pepper Bottle Grinders
We thought Menu's iconic Bottle Grinder range was utter perfection as is, then they introduced the dark walnut wood top AND brought back the nudes. We need more kitchens...
Paper Plane Store - Elk - Solace Collection - drop 1
Paper Plane Store - Elk - Solace Collection - Drop 1
This Season, Elk travelled over our way to New Zealand, finding solace along our wild, remote coasts. This collection has stripped away the noise with clean lines, the softest leather and a natural finish. We're loving the grey embossed pieces, inspired by our beautiful, black sand beaches.
Paper Plane Store - Citta - Ornamental Vienna
Keep an eye out for new goods from Citta, arriving weekly. This season's designs take inspiration from 18th-century opulence and Viennese architecture, embracing beauty for beauty's sake.