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Paper Plane  - Keep ResinFluid lines of organic silhouettes inspires this unique collection of resin homewares by Keep Resin. Crafted in small batches, hand-molded and sanded, each piece is thoughtfully detailed and unique to you.


A simple, considered and natural approach to products for the home and body. No     synthetics, parabens, sulphates or toxic chemicals. Proudly made in Australia using all-natural and certified organic ingredients that your clothes, skin and the environment will love. GARMENT CARE - all-natural and gentle laundry formulations to clean and soften silk, wool and other precious garments. HAND CARE - plant-based ingredients to nourish and protect hard-working hands.
Paper Plane - Sunday Supply Co
Two fun new styles just added to our Sunday Supply beach umbrella collection. The perfect piece for the each, pool, deck or garden. Pre-order yours today!