The Seed Collection🌱

Paper Plane Exclusive - The Seed Collection

handmade locally by JS Ceramics

Inspired by patterns in nature, where despite its effortless cohesion at a glance, the little details are unique. The seed pattern in this collection remains subtle, allowing the refined, overarching shapes to be appreciated. It’s only those who take the time to look closely who will enjoy the delicate hand-drawn details. 

The beauty of a handmade ceramic is that each piece requires the maker to be focussed and present. Every vessel is expertly moulded from NZ earthenware clay. Every swish of the pencil and drop of watercolour is carefully considered. 

This collection not only reflects the Paper Plane ethos but the rare values of the young creator, Abigail Bakker. Conscious and considered, she quietly reminds us to slow down, simplify and enjoy the moment.

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Seed Collection Ceramics - Paper Plane