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Paper Plane - Yin Yoga Mats - Eco-Friendly

Paper Plane - Yin Yoga Mats - Eco-Friendly - NZ

Yoga mats to inspire your daily yoga practice. A non-slip surface that feels lush and acts like a high-performance sports towel, gripping with moisture. The more you sweat, the better the grip! Wipe down post-practice, or pop straight into the washing machine. 

Yin loves the planet and is striving to nurture it. Their printed yoga mats are eco-friendly, made from a non-slip microfibre suede surface, bonded to a sustainably-captured natural rubber base. At 3mm in thickness, your yoga practice will be supported by the dense 100% biodegradable rubber.

Paper Plane - Yin Yoga Mats - NZ Stockist - Eco-Friendly