Mavis & Osborn Cotton Waffle Towels - Pumice

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Cotton Waffle Towels in Pumice grey are made and dyed exclusively in New Zealand by design studio, Mavis & Osborn. Each towel is 100% cotton and has a cotton loop sewn in for easy hanging. Every towel is preshrunk so that they are dryer friendly. Beautiful, soft and made to complement any bathroom or kitchen space.

Mavis & Osborn design new products when they feel they are needed in our lives, rather than creating a new season every month or week. Their aim is to create a timeless design and great quality goods that people can trust and live with every day.

With a focus on ethical manufacturing, working on small runs from their Kingsland studio using local makers to help bring both economic & cultural benefit to the people of New Zealand.


  • Face Towel — approx. 27cm x 27cm
  • Hand Towel — approx. 44cm x 68cm
  • Shower Towel — approx. 67cm x 1.4m