Martino Gamper Stool - Speckle

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The Arnold Circus Stool in Speckle was designed by Martino Gamper, a famed Italian designer based in London, as part of a regeneration project. The rotation moulded polyethene plastic stools are used for all annual events held at Arnold Circus which include picnics, brass band concerts and board game tournaments. 

A new generation of Martino's Circus Stool, made in New Zealand for the first time. This new mould is slightly larger than its predecessor, with a roomier seating area on the top and a more robust edge. The design is still as light and versatile and is now available in a brand new multi-coloured speckle, inspired by Memphis design.

Due to the rotation moulding process used, slight surface imperfections may be evident. 

Made in NZ from 100% recycled polyethene plastic. UV and outdoor safe.

Size: 458mm base x 450mm high x 340mm seat