Together Journal - Issue 13

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Issue Thirteen, Together Journal

A highlight in issue 13 is the charming wedding of Sara & Melanie, the cover couple who came over from Australia to marry in the South Island of New Zealand. As Together Journal opened the photo collection of their wedding day by Charlotte Sowman they knew that this would be their cover wedding. This is a couple who have faced challenges to get to where they are now, more than what they should have. But through unwavering faith in each other, support from their families, and in the true spirit of marriage, they have overcome the obstacles in their path and it’s made their love more profound.

In this issue, you will find another 12 exquisite real weddings, and a myriad of features that take you on a world tour with stopovers in New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Italy, Spain, England and America.

We meet with Alice and Ed Walsh, the design duo behind British accessories brand Alice Made This, at their London home and studio to talk about how their business grew from the simple need for Ed to find cufflinks for their own wedding. TJ discusses the purpose of couple’s shoots, how they are an opportunity to embark on an adventure together, as well as an excuse to find your own magic as a couple — engaged, married or neither. 

Beautiful real life stories and interviews about love and life.

Launched October 2018