Crushes Candles

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These candles are what we are calling Alchemist-Chic. Simple and modern with a scientific feel. 

Each Crushes candle comes in an alchemist's amber jar, with a black lid, filled with wonderfully fragrant soy wax. 


  • The Fresh One - based on a delicious watermelon fragrance. The watermelon scent is sweet yet somehow still lovely and fresh. 


  • The Floral One - based on the wonderfully fragrant Wild Honey Suckle flower. This beautiful scent makes us think of summer nights sitting under the stars. 


  • The Coffee One - strong and almost alcoholic, coffee scent that will be sure to give you that caffeine fix you need when a cuppa isn't on hand. 


  • The Cream One - based on a rich vanilla scent, to make you think of Ice Cream, and whipped cream in your coffee. Pairs perfectly with the Coffee One.