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Bath Salts - Ylang Ylang + French Clay

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Bath Salts - Ylang Ylang + French Clay by Sydney based skincare and home fragrance range, SALT. 

Relax, revitalize and invigorate with Coral bath salts to enhance your wellbeing. Magnesium is an excellent means for calming the nervous system, preventing water retention and increasing circulation; while potassium balances moisture in the skin. Salt minerals have long been relished for detoxifying treatments; whilst French Pink clay, infused in the salts, draws toxins from the skin, tightens pores and removes dead skin cells. SALT by Hendrix has been created to provide an uplifting experience inside and out. Rich botanic minerals in the skincare range have purpose and intention. Antioxidants and vitamins enhance wellbeing, leaving your skin and mind feeling balanced. 

  • Contains Organic ingredients
  • Plant based
  • 100% vegan

Size: 280g

Directions: Add 2 tablespoons to a warm bath, wait for salts to dissolve and enjoy.

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, White French Clay, Pink French Clay, Jojoba Oil*, Ylang Ylang Oil*, Vanilla Oil*. * Certified Organic.

SALT uses, wherever possible, organic/highest quality essential oils. Due to the purity of these essential oils and their therapeutic benefits, this product is not recommended for use during pregnancy.

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