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Bath Time Baby Bath Salts - Set of 5

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It's Bath Time. Baby. With this set of 5 Favourite Bath Salts by Sydney based skincare and home fragrance range, SALT, your bath will be twenty out of ten.

For those times when you can't decide which bath soak to choose. Enjoy a relaxing and high-performance bath treatment. This set includes Soak Infusions - Lavender + Hibiscus, Chamomile + Cornflower, Heather Flower, Bath Salts - Ylang Ylang + Vanilla, Bergamot, Vanilla + French Clay. 

  • Contains Organic ingredients
  • Plant-based
  • 100% vegan

Directions: Fill up your bath with warm water. Pour in your treatment and relax. We recommend scooping out the flowers from your bath prior to draining out the bath water.

Size: 5x corked glass test tubes / 16cm high

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