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Bergamot & Cedar Natural Deodorant

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Bergamot & Cedar Natural Deodorant Cream by New Zealand personal care brand, B.BOLD. Use B.Bold as your daily affirmation to live your life with integrity and attitude.

Bergamot and cedar has a fresh, citrus scent unique to bergamot, softened with a warm woody undertone. It has a stable and easy-to-use consistency with a lovely powder finish. B.BOLD works effectively by altering the pH in your armpit so those "bacteria bad boys" don't stand a chance when it comes to causing body odour.

Aluminium free and more effective than traditional deodorants.

Use: To apply, gently massage a pea-size amount into your entire, clean underarm area to ensure total effectiveness. One jar of B.BOLD will last between 2-3 months - a little goes a long way!

Ingredients: Maranta arunfinacea (arrowroot), magnifiers indica (mango) seed butter, coco caprylate (derived from coconuts) sodium bicarbonate, kaolin clay, cetostearyl alcohol, cera alba (beeswax), citrus aurantium spp, bergamia (bergamot) oil, atlas cedarwood (cedar) oil, tocopherol (vitamin e) oil. - There is a small percentage of the population that has sensitivity to baking soda: an active ingredient in this formula. 

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