Charcoal Dental Powder

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White teeth are not looking for attention; they just have a way of turning heads. And that's exactly what you'll be doing when you finish with this Whitening & Remineralising Dental Powder by Sydney based dental & skin care brand,

This specially formulated tooth whitening and remineralising powder supports the maintenance of excellent oral hygiene. Activated Coconut charcoal helps to draw out toxins whilst bentonite clay remineralises and sodium bicarbonate help balance pH. These all work together with powdered cloves and cinnamon to help reduce bad breath, plaque and yellowing teeth caused by food, coffee, tea, wine and smoking. Vegan. Not tested on Animals.

100% Natural, fluoride free, and no artificial colours, flavours, or nasties.

Size: 18ml - approx. 14 brushes.