Concrete Candles - Soho Collection

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This commanding Black + White Concrete Vessel and Soy Wax Candle is part of FUME's signature range know as the Soho Collection. The vessel is hand-crafted from quality masonry materials. It is truly unique and will make a bold statement in any environment. Made from natural soy wax and a braided cotton wick for a long-lasting & clean fragrant burn.


  • Bambi - Deliciously warm and sweet, salted caramel and creamy vanilla
  • Rush - Rich and creamy, incense-infused with vanilla and cinnamon
  • Judas - Earthy, woody and spicy - sensual and masculine with patchouli, cedarwood and amber
  • Blush - Floral Bouquet of spring and exotic blooming flowers
  • Love - Fruity fusion combining Goji berries, blackcurrants & grapes, off-set with a zesty orange tang 

Burn time 40 hours.

Size: 320g / 8.5cmh x 10cmw

Hand-crafted in NZ

No two concrete vessels are the same and variations will occur with colours and patterns.