Charcoal & Clay Detoxifying Masque

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Detoxifying Clarity Face Masque in Activated Coconut Charcoal & Bentonite Clay, by Sydney based dental & skin care brand,

This specially formulated detoxifying clarity masque is proof that we care and want you to be happy. Using ultra fine activated coconut charcoal & bentonite clay to gently but effectively draw out toxins, refine pores & soothe damaged skin - all without any irritating nasties such as parabens, artificial fragrance or colours. This masque might be simple, but we believe less does more. Vegan. Not tested on Animals.

100% Natural. No artificial colours, no fragrance, no nasties.

Ingredients: Only the good stuff - only two common natural, effective ingredients:

Bentonite clay: a mineral rich healing clay which gently cleanses, remineralizes and draws out toxins simultaneously without drying the skin. 

Activated coconut charcoal: this charcoal is water washed, air-dried & ground ultra-fine. Binds & draw out impurities for deep by gentle pore refining cleanse. 

Size: 18ml - approx. 3 masques.