Triumph & Disaster - Dichotomy Eye Serum

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Dichotomy Eye Serum by New Zealand Men's skincare range, Triumph & Disaster, is a happy collision of two historic foes. In the blue corner: Nature. Wild, untethered nature stacked with the supernatural benefits of Norwegian Kelp, Swamp Maple, Horopito, St Paul’s Wort and Persian Silk Tree. The red corner: Science, brandishing clinical evidence and proven efficacy like a killer dance move. Apart, they are tremendous. Colliding together, they are the future.

Featuring Norwegian kelp, Persian Silk and Gotu Kola to help reduce sagging skin and dark circles caused by dehydration, stress and not enough sleep. Dichotomy Eye Serum optimizes hydrous flow and moderates water circulation, reducing unnecessary puffiness caused by modern lifestyle excesses. Supports collagen production, provides tensile support to blood vessels and improves skin elasticity. Crucial to maintaining healthy skin around the sensitive areas of the eyes.

T&D's science is clinically proven, the ingredients traceable and sustainable, the ethos pure and green.   

Directions: Dot a small amount of serum around the orbital bone, working from the inner to the outer corners of the skin around your eye area.

Size: 15ml