Dummy Clips

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Dummy Clips by Australian based design studio, Dove and Dovelet. Attach your baby's dummy or soother to their clothing to prevent it being lost and keep it within reach. This clip is chunky and suitable for older children. 

For use with dummy/soother only. This is not a teething aid. Never lengthen holder or attach to loose cords or ribbons/bibs for risk of being a hazard. Attach only to thin materials inside/shirt. Use on thick materials will wear clasp out quickly.

Use only under competent adult supervision. Do not allow baby to sleep with holder attached. Remove if baby is in the cot, high chair, car seat. Complies with Australian Safety Standards. 

Available in:

  • Raw wood
  • Grey
  • White terrazzo
  • Blush
  • Forest
  • Spice

Size: Beads are 20mm in diameter, clip measures 38mm / 28cm long

Care instructions: Wash in warm soapy water and allow to air dry.