Fix & Fogg Peanut Butter - Honey

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This batch roasted super crunchy peanut butter by Fix and Fogg combines golden roasted Crunchy peanut butter with the finest Beechwood Honey; dark, malty goodness tracked down from J.Friend & Co in North Canterbury. It's a sweet-salty take on a delicious peanut butter combo that we can't get enough of.  

From toast to sandwiches, breakfast bowls to smoothies, this Honey peanut butter is delicious on banana, ice cream or baking.

Try spreading this peanut butter on toast with dukkah and golden sultanas or in a smoothie mixed with banana, milk and chia seeds. Or if you're extra fancy swirl into your porridge with coconut cream and stewed fruits - Yum! 

Raw Native Honey. GMO Free. No Nasty Additives.

Comes packaged - Available in NZ only

Size: 375g