Grandad Mandela

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Kids Book - Grandad Mandela - Two great-grandchildren ask their grandmother 15 questions about the man they remember as Grandad, and the world remembers as Nelson Mandela.

Nelson Mandela, the global icon of peace and forgiveness who spent 27 years in prison. They learn that he was a freedom fighter who put down his weapons for the sake of peace, and who then became the President of South Africa and a Nobel Peace Prize-winner. They learn that they can continue his legacy in the world today.
Seen through a child’s perspective, and authored jointly by his great-grandchildren and daughter, this amazing story is told as never before to celebrate what would have been Nelson's Mandela 100th birthday.
Suitable for ages 4 to 7 years
Size: 40 pages / Hard cover / Authors: Zindzi Mandela, Zazi and Ziwelene Mandela and Sean Qualls