Herbs & Flowers

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Herbs & Flowers Book - Plant, Grow, Eat. 

Herbs & Flowers book by Pip McCormac is a simple yet practical growing guide for 32 herbs and edible flowers. The book contains specific instructions for when, where and how to plant each herb and flower and also includes handy information on when to pick them and what to plant them with. The beauty of this book is that these edible plants can be grown in even the smallest of spaces, which makes Herbs & Flowers the perfect gift for any kitchen-shelf-herbs-growers or urban gardeners.

The herbs and flowers featured include chive, dill, sage, mint, lavender, coriander, mustard, borage, jasmine, tarragon, thyme, lilac, sorrel, oregano, pansy, geranium, lemon balm and more. 

Size: 12cm x 15cm / 144 pages / Hardcover / Author: Pip McCormac

Published March 2017