Ashley & Co - Home Fragrances

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It’s no ordinary air freshener; Ashley & Co’s home perfumes are not only environmentally friendly but functional and aesthetically cool. Simply allow the perfume to travel up the porous wicks and gently diffuse in the air. The long-lasting formulations have been designed to complement their environment, suit one's mood and attitude - choose one to fit.
Each 265ml bottle will last minimum 6 months and 2.5 years unopened. As with any perfume, keep it out of direct sunlight. 10 Reed Sticks included.


Blossom & Gilt - Costa Rican tuberose and wild jasmine 

Tui & Kahili - Wild ginger and lily

Parakeets & Pearls - Green tea and white lilies

Bubbles & Polkadots - Floral rose with a soft powdery musk

Made in New Zealand