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Huffman's Original Chilli Pepper Hot Sauce

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An unashamedly robust blend of sun-ripened sweet red peppers, distilled white vinegar and pure sea salt, imbued with the warmth of red chillies and smoked Spanish paprika by Huffman's sauce experts. Goes well with just about everything but is especially good on eggs, avocado, seafood and chicken and can be used instead of salt to season.

Huffman’s uses only the finest natural ingredients; their vinegar, for instance, takes the team at the distillery in Christchurch nine months to naturally ferment before being distilled and brought to their kitchens, and fresh Kaffir Lime leaves, used in Huffman’s Thai Sweet Chilli Aromatic Sauce, are delivered within a day or two of picking to our pot by Kaffir Limes Co. who grow them on the Kapiti Coast - Every ingredient is carefully considered. 

Size: 300ml 

Available in NZ ONLY

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