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Kitchen Essentials Kit

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Make washing up a pleasure not a chore with the convenient, 100% biodegradable Kitchen Essentials Kit by Yeseco, a plastic-free, eco alternative for your kitchen. 

Made from carefully considered, eco-friendly materials, the Kitchen Essentials Kit includes:

  • 1x Bamboo Bench Organiser Canister
  • 1x Bamboo Dish Brush (with handle)
  • 2x Bamboo & Sisal Fibre Replacement Dishbrush Heads
  • 1x Bamboo Pot Scraper
  • 3x Wood Pulp Expanding Sponges
  • 1x Hemp & Organic Cotton Tea Towel

Care: This Kitchen Essentials Kit should last approximately 4-6months and when finished, is completely compostable.

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