Noble & Savage Tea - Lemon Grey

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The Lemon Grey Tea by Noble & Savage is the famous Earl Grey with a lemon twist. A blend of three different black teas, Assam Ceylon and sweet South Indian, creates a robust and full bodied tea that is still delicate enough to bring out the sweet citrus flavours of the lemongrass.

Traditionally Earl Grey has been infused with bergamot oil (a type of citrus), which creates a perfumed and sharp beverage with a lingering aftertaste. While Earl Grey is a great drink that's not for everyone, Noble & Savage have developed the Lemon Grey alternative as a middle ground for everyone to enjoy. 


  • 1 slightly heaped tsp per 250mls
  • Fresh boiled water at 100°c 
  • Infuse for 2 minutes
  • Enjoy clear or with honey or milk