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Reusable Paper Lunch Bag

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This reusable lunch bag by SammyBags will be the envy of the cafeteria so be prepared to field questions. Cram it full with your choice of lunch options. However the real genius here is the fact that you can fit a Sistema 1L container snugly in the bottom for your left overs from last night. To top it off there’s still room for a couple of pieces of fruit and you can even squeeze in a sandwich. What the reusable cup is for coffee, SammyBags is for food.

Size: 180 × 130 × 260 mm

Material: Washable Kraft Paper, made up of Cellulose and Latex; it feels like paper but ages like leather. May not be suitable for people with a latex allergy. Finished with two antique brass or black nickel soft action domes.

Care: Dust off the crumbs, wipe off the sticky goo, or you can even put SammyBags through your washing machine on any cycle (even in a front loader at 95°C!) and it will come out looking like new. We recommend using a fragrance free Eco washing powder. Dry flat with NO pegs.

Every Day around New Zealand hundreds of thousands of paper bags are being either disposed of by landfill or recycling. What most people don’t know is that plastic bags were created as a solution to the enormous environmental damage that paper bags were causing the planet! What we’re proposing is that customers take ownership of their waste, and shift to reusable and washable SammyBags which we believe will last for over 5 years if they’re well looked after.

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