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Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs - 18 pack

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Wishing for pegs that last, leave less of an indent in your fabric and are easy to care for? Step in these durable, Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs for all your washing needs. Made to last from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel.
  • Resists salty breeze and withstands coastal washing lines
  • No rusting
  • No more broken, sun cracked plastic pegs
  • Box of 18 x Marine Grade Stainless Steel Clothing Pegs
  • Plastic-Free Packaging 

Size: 3cm On The 'Squeeze Part' x 6cm high / 0.2cm metal thickness for durability

Care: To ensure your stainless steel pegs stay in tip top shape for times to come, ensure you take care of them! If you live in a coastal location, we recommend rinsing your pegs every few weeks. This will prevent salt build up and extend their lifespan. 

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