Tivoli Music System Three Bluetooth

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Introducing the next generation portable stereo music system. It streams your music, has the best digital and analogue radio tuner and its built-in lithium rechargeable batteries let you enjoy portable sounds for at least 20 hours. Whether you're at the beach, on a boat, in the park, or inside your house, you can take great sounding stereo audio with you wherever you go. 

"...perfect for rocking out on the go, the Music System Three also has features that make it the perfect homebody: an AM/FM receiver, an alarm clock and a big, clean sound." - The Wall Street Journal

Everything You Need
Music playback via Bluetooth, and AM/FM radio, the Music System Three ticks all the boxes. By wirelessly connecting the Music System Three to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth device you can immediately enjoy all your music like iTunes, Spotify or any other device-loaded music service in room-filling stereo audio. Listening to your favourite radio station via AM or FM is easy. 

Size: 111 x 292 x 111 mm (HxWxD) (1.83 kg) 

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