New Brie Leon | Sunday Supply Restock

Paper Plane - Brie Leon - Jewellery

An organic collection of classically inspired pieces. Double Drop - Handmade in Brie Leon's Sydney Studio. 


Paper Plane - Brie Leon - Jewellery

Smoke Bead - Paired with matte gold, the dark bead drop makes for beautiful everyday pieces or dressed up for special occasions. 


Paper Plane - Brie Leon - Jewellery

Lampara Earring - Taking inspiration from the art of beautiful, functional jewellery to create a thoughtful and measured accessories collection that is both timeless and treasured. 


Paper Plane - Sunday Supply Co - Umbrellas Back instock

Umbrellas Featured: Sunday Supply Co - Beach Umbrella - Natural Instinct, $319. Salt, $319. Dunes, $319. Golden Sands, $319