Paper Plane - Autumn Tones - Citta

Paper Plane - Autumn Tones - Citta

Each new season inspires a little refresh to our interior spaces. Our favourite way to embrace the upcoming cooler season, where we'll spend a little more time indoors, is to add new cushions with cosier, warmer tones.

Cotton Velvets - Luxuriously soft cushions in new Autumn colours.

The Bloomsbury - Makes a statement with its many layers of pen illustrated foliage and hidden creatures throughout. 

The Daisy - A modern take on a 70's classic with richly layered tones.


Paper Plane - Whole Cookbook


A beautiful down-to-earth plant-based recipe book by Natural Harry. A compilation of whole, satisfying favourites with a modern twist. Harriet's philosophy is all about celebrating the abundance of whole food available and preparing it in a way that is easy. Sounds good to us!

Paper Plane - Homemade Cookbook


New from Eleanor Ozich, you'll find eco-conscious recipes for daily household goods - all easy to make at home. Homemade includes nourishing meals, and methods for making your own cleaning and beauty items such as re-usable food wraps, air fresheners, hand scrubs and natural candles. 

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